Sarah Backhouse is an independent, London-based graphic designer who works on a wide variety of projects, providing a comprehensive range of graphic skills for digital and print loveliness. With a passion for detail-conscious, well crafted design and typography, all projects are rigorously finished, resulting in considered design that clients are proud of.

This website showcases projects for clients including NKProjects, the John Hansard Gallery in association with Alice Maude-Roxby, InSite Arts and The Centre for Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art.

If you would like to know more about any of the projects shown here, or sbstudio and Sarah Backhouse please send an email.

Web Publication
'Temporality in Dracula', The Publishing Lab, 2013.

'Paper Profiles 46', Howard Smith Paper Group, 2009.

'Visual Research', Noble and Bestley, Ava Publishing, 2005. Reprinted 2012, translated into 6 languages.